Not only in Europe but all around the world there is more need than ever for highly qualified engineers of all types of expertise. This is even more true in the globalized maritime and offshore market which is at the dawn of massive challenges and, luckily, opportunities. For which the energy transition (both for vessels and to create offshore energy for landbased locations) is only a single but important example. In order to fulfill this need, this two year master after bachelor program is proposed.

EMship, International Master in Advanced Design of Sustainable Ships and Offshore Structures, is an advanced two-year master’s level education programme (120 ECTS) in design and optimisation of ships and offshore structures dedicated to sustainable maritime transport, ships, offshore and renewable energy structures. Thanks to its strong background and complementary expertise, the EMship Consortium tackles: rapid technological evolution in the fields of naval architecture, maritime technology and offshore engineering, growing demand from companies for graduates with up-to-date competences and societal challenges related to global warming (need for energy saving, renewable energy sources, more efficient and less polluting means of transport…).

An overview of all the courses of all the partners can be downloaded here.

Full course descriptions Master 1

The 60 credits of the first year are offered at the coordinating institute Ghent University, Belgium, and in parallel at Universitatea “Dunărea de Jos” din Galați, Romania.

Full course descriptions Master 2

In the second master year, students can choose from five universities, each with its specific nuance and expertise:

  1. Shipbuilding Universität Rostock, Germany
    Full course details Rostock
  2. Hydrodynamics for Ocean Engineering École Centrale de Nantes, France,
    Full course details Nantes
  3. Ship logistics & maritime transport Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa, Portugal,
    Full course details Lisboa
  4. Offshore & ship structure Université de Liège, Belgium,
    Full course details Liège
  5. Offshore & renewables Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain,
    Full course details Madrid


In addition, there is active support from three European universities via guest lectures and offering theses: University of Genoa (UNIGE, Italy), ICAM School of Engineering (ICAM, Nantes, France) and Southampton Solent University (SOLENT, UK). In addition, students are also welcome outside Europe to pursue their thesis: University of Michigan (UoM, USA), Osaka University (OU, Japan), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ, Brazil), University of New South Wales (UNSW, Australia), Istanbul Technical University (ITU, Turkey) , National University of Sciences and Technology of Oran (USTO, Algeria), Alexandria University (AASTM, Egypt) and WEGEMT (Associations of EU universities in the field of Marine Technologies).

EMship week

Twice during their studies, the students join the EMSHIP week where they meet professors from all the EMSHIP partner universities, industrial members of the SAB, Alumni and students of the previous/next cohort. This is an opportunity for technical visits (shipyards, manufacturers…), discussions with industrial partners about internships and, for newly graduated students, about job opportunities. These meetings help the students being acquainted with actors of the “world of work” and the “social dimension”. Graduated students present their master thesis (Annex A5) in front of this audience of professionals and students of the 1st year who can learn from their colleagues’ experience. The last EMSHIP week (November 2022) was organised in La Spezia (Italy) where about 20 industrial partners participated, showing integration of the EMSHIP programme to the industrial world. In November 2023 EMship week was in Rostock, Germany and in October 2024 will be in Madrid, Spain.

The EMSHIP week is annually organised with students (1st and 2nd year students), professors, industrial partners (15-20) and some Alumni. During this event, the most important moment is the job fair with the industrial partners, members of the SAB and university partners who propose internships and master thesis to students. Moreover, SAB members present their activities and business objectives and are invited to attend the presentations of the master thesis given by the new graduated students. Usually one workshop (typically one EU H2020 research project as JOULES or HOLISHIP) is also proposed. The graduation ceremony for students ending their 2nd year closes the EMSHIP week.

The EMSHIP weeks are usually the 1st contacts for the students with industrial companies, which will bloom into final professional placements (internships and later jobs). The organisation and location of the EMSHIP week is handled every year by a different partner (can be associate or full partner), proving there their joint commitment. This event is of course endorsed by Alumni, associated and industrial partners. By this mean, a permanent interface with industry has been created, allowing to regularly discuss about the EMSHIP educational programme with respect to its structure and education fields, to communicate about the EMSHIP programme into the professional sector, to make companies offer lectures, workshops, internships, scholarships and also job opportunities to the students.